Hi. You're looking at CADTable.

CADTable is a global online computer-aided design (CAD) competition for all students over the age of 13 around the world. Students from all CAD experience levels ranging from novices to advanced CAD designers can find categories that can challenge them to think critically.




The trophy must be for the 1st place team of a selected theme (For example, the 1st place winner of a tennis competition)


Your goal is to make an innovative product to improve the overall experience of removing Pringles from the can without ruining the perfect stack.


Build an apartment complex that combines high density with comfort, collaboration, and a green footprint for an estimated 1000 residents.

Congratulations to the winners! View the projects on Devpost.


- Over $300 in cash prizes & all participants get a 10% discount on SendCutSend

- 3 divisions of varying difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

- Use any CAD Software of your choice: Onshape recommended for beginners

- Participants will submit a STEP file and a URL to their project.

- Teams up to 4 members

Timeline (in PST)

  • March 22nd - 7:00 PM: How to Design a Part Workshop
  • March 23rd - 4:30 PM: Integrating Parts into Assemblies Workshop
  • March 27th - 12:00 PM: Event Kickoff (and prompt release)
  • March 28th - 5:00 PM: Render CAD Workshop
  • April 3rd - 8:00 AM: Competition Submission Closes
  • April 3rd - 5:00 PM: CADTable Award Ceremony

Important Documents

- Rules and Regulations Document

- CADTable Workshop 1 Slides: How to Design a Part

- CADTable Workshop 2 Slides: Integrating Parts into Assemblies

- CADTable Workshop 2 Recording

- CADTable Workshop 3 Recording




What if I have never participated before or don't know how to CAD?

Don't worry if this is your first time designing with CAD or attending a CADathon. We will have resources, workshops, and mentors to help! Additionally, you can join our questions so you can instantly ask your questions.

How old do I have to be to participate?

All students 13 or older can participate. This includes middle school students, high school students, and college students.

How much does it cost to participate

All our events are completely free - practically no reason to not try it out.

How do I register

Through our devpost:

Are there teams? Can I participate alone?

Individuals do compete individually, so no team creations are required.

Who has ownership over the project I create?

You and your team have full ownership over what you create

Can i change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel at any time so there's no harm in signing up!

What if my question was not covered?

You can always email us at and we will respond to you